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cassidy_stills's Journal

Katie Cassidy Stillness
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Katie Cassidy Icon Challenge Community

Katie Cassidy
Stillness Community

. w e l c o m e .
Welcome to Katie Cassidy Stillness. This a non-animated icontest community. Each week will be a new challenge.

. r u l e s & i n f o r m a t i o n s .
• You must JOIN the community in order to participate in the challenges.
Submissions must meet LiveJournal size standards: no bigger than 100x100 pixels (40KB), in JPG or PNG format.
• Post your submissions in a comment to the challenge post. Comments will be screened.
• Brushes, textures, text, gradients, textures, blending etc are all allowed but no animation.
• Icons must remain anonymous. Do not post them anywhere else until the
winners are announced.
• All icons must be new.
• Do not take any icons without credits from the artist.
• New challenges will be posted every SUNDAY. Reminders on Wednesday or Thursday. Saturday the voting will go up and Wednesday the winners also.

+ graphic + profile + layout + affilates + join +